Twitter Owl

Twitter Owl is a tweak for the iOS Twitter app that brings new features and functionalities such as: Save videos Disable Twitter Ads View confirmation … Download →


TikTok Unicorn

TikTok Unicorn is an alternative to TikTok++ and this tweak brings tons of new features to the TikTok. Here are some of it’s features: For … Download →



YouTube++ is a tweak that adds new features to YouTube, such as: Block Ads Download videos to your device Play video/audio in the background Default playback … Download →


YouTube Music++

YouTube Music++ is a enhanced version of YouTube Music that comes with additional features such as: No Ads Audio only mode Background audio playback Unrestricted … Download →



WhatsPad++ is the WhatsApp for iPad. It comes with all the features of WhatsApp++. Last updated: June 30, 2020 Version: v2.18.41 Size: 57.7 MB How to Install IPA … Download →


WhatsApp Watusi

WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp which brings a lot of useful features and options to WhatsApp. Here are some of the additional features: … Download →



WhatsApp++ is a tweaked version of WhatsApp that comes with tons of added features and functionalities. Features: Share music from your device Record audio with … Download →


WhatsApp++ Duplicate

WhatsApp++ is an enhanced version of WhatsApp that comes with a lot of added features and functionalities. WhatsApp++ Duplicate allows you to install it along … Download →


Snapchat SCOthman

Snapchat SCOthman is an enhanced version of Snapchat that adds more features to the Snapchat ecosystem. It adds features such as: View snaps without marking … Download →